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Introducing… Future Generations

Future Generations
Future Generations

Future Generations are a five-piece indie rock band from New York City. Their merge of catchy rock, jittery bleeps and synths and a certain feel of the late 90’s that I can’t seem to place my finger on made them stand out to me when I saw their video for their new single “All The Same”. I think its because they remind me a bit of Talking Heads – but a modern take on them. Future Generations straddles that line of radio pop rock and something a bit more leftfield nicely and should do very well. “All the Same” comes from their second album Landscape, which is currently due for release on 14th September. It will be interesting how their sound evolves across that album having previously started out life as a three-piece band with their first EP before growing to their current quintet status in time for their 2016 debut album. They describe themselves as a band wanting to make good pop songs which have bursts of experimentation in them – and judging from the single, I think they are on the right track.

Enjoy “All the Same” below.  Future Generations’ Landscape is out 14th September.

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