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Introducing… Matt Calvert

Matt Calvert
Matt Calvert

Matt Calvert is an experimental producer whose gearing up to release his first album entitled “Typewritten” on 7th September. His guitar and keyboard background in alt-rock band Three Trapped Tigers fits well here as Matt lets himself explore all the weird and wonderful synths and samples he may not have been able to get into a rock band, but that can show his composition side instead of something going at 180mph. What I love about his single “12051” is the percussive nature of it all. Every sound is melodic but pulsating, from the drums to the harp glissandos to the bass notes and toy pianos – it all creates a magical music shower that I really got into on first listen. Even better is that you find new sounds to enjoy on repeated listens so I hope for more of the same scale and depth when the album is released.

Enjoy “12051” by Matt Calvert below.

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