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Video Vault – Árstíðir


I’m a sucker for massive panoramic scenery shots and I’m also a huge fan of Icelandic music with a symphonic edge to it. Welcome to Árstíðir! Returning for their fifth album, Nivalis, I’m a new fan that’s just discovered their music and am joining onboard for the album’s launch which is today! The lead track “While This Way” showcases the band as they trek various beautiful mountain and cavernous regions of Iceland which the synths, drums, vocals and strings swell and surge. Árstíðir itself started off as a trio and has now returned back to it with its original members from 2008 and so feel like they are being born anew. Nivalis in Latin means ‘like snow’ which is also why the music video is full of glaciers and snowy mountains.

Enjoy the music video to “While This Way” below – the album Nivalis is out now.

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