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Kristin McClement returns with new single

Kristin McClement

After winning my album of the year in 2016, and enjoying her lovely set when seeing Kathryn Joseph (incidentally my no.2 album of 2016), Kristin McClement has returned with a new single that appears to not be featured on the forthcoming album she is writing as Kristin declared it a “detour”. It’s also McClement in full ballad mode with her latest instrument, a 1970’s Bentley Piano. You can hear its creaks and hammers as the track plays out beautifully and it’s a lovely piece and McClement’s soothing but authoritative voice is sublime as always.

You can hear the song “Love doesn’t have to come at such a price” below from YouTube, but it’s also available as a Pay What You Want download on Bandcamp. There’s no other news about the future album, but this will tide us over for now!

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