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Greg Laswell returns with new album of melancholy anthems for the jaded

Greg Laswell
Greg Laswell

Greg Laswell’s last album “Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet” was bitter, angry, pointed and a snake recoiled. I loved it as I was similarly jaded about a failed love at the time. Greg is returning with a new album of guitar, piano and his aching voice next month with “Last Time”. It’s due out 21st September and the lead track “Royal Empress” is available below. In terms of sound, Laswell doesn’t sound like he has moved too far away from the huge drums, big synths, epic choruses and provocative lyrics that he is known for. In a wonderfully tongue in cheek juxtaposition, the lyric video below is an old Superman cartoon who always saves the day – whilst the lyrics explain how not everyone makes it out alive. I’m sure the album will deal with heavy subjects but in a decidedly opaque way that will let you apply your own life to it.

Enjoy “Royal Empress” below – the single is out now.

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