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Elskavon – Traditions and Traitors Review

A quiet piece of melancholy held close


Elskavon’s new EP “Traditions and Traitors” is a simple, short, succinct and melancholy collection of piano tracks. The four tracks available have the piano recorded in a warm hazy, right up close to the hammers so you can hear the soft hits up close. None of the tracks will push you for pace, speed or complexity – they all fit into that laid back reflective mood. Hiding underneath each of the tracks is the quietest synth underscoring that straddles airy echoes of a keyboard and electric guitar ambience. It’s really subtle but adds a lot to the reflective atmosphere – think of the long echoes of post-rock guitar you can get, but just turned down to 10% volume. If there’s one thing that holds the EP back, it’s the brevity of it. At just 8 minutes and 38 seconds, it holds a peaceful but sad space for too short a time to keep you there, but piano lovers and those who want to look out a rainy windy pensively can take solace with Elskavon’s “Traditions and Traitors”.

Recommended track: The Past is a Troubled Soul

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