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Introducing… Ah! Kosmos

Ah! Kosmos

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Başak Günak, also known as Ah! Kosmos, popped onto my radar with her new single from her forthcoming album “Beautiful Swamp”. Her moody but groove-laden rock from her single “Wide” has a hypnotic throbbing beat and guitar chug to it like a drone track, crossing over with a morning raj whilst wanting to go to Glastonbury. It’s a heady mix of east and west too in terms of sounds and melodies and features guest vocals fromOzgur Yilmaz.

The German musician released her debut “Bastards” back in 2015 and that had more of a post-rock vibe, so with this groovier turn of events, it’ll be interesting to see how Ah! Komos weaves in her avant-garde tropes this time around. The album “Beautiful Swamp” is due out 5th October. Enjoy the single below.

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