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Introducing… DELIAH


DELIAH is the name for a quartet of producers and musicians from Liverpool and London who have come together create an RnB alt-rock band that straddles two genres that aren’t often sliced together. They’ve been going for a few years but only just popped onto my radar with their new single “Infinite” which you can stream below. It has a soulful voice and breakdown that’s interspersed with power-pop styled choruses that wouldn’t be out of place in an 80’s power ballad – just with more guitar. The first few listens left me genuinely confused as I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not – a bit like how I felt about Dr Pepper for about 5 years before proclaiming that I must love it as I’ve drunk gallons of the filth. I’m sure DELIAH will end up having a similar path for me too.

Enjoy the single “Infinite” below. DELIAH will be performing at Sofar Sounds later this month – their YouTube channel is great for catching new artists.

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