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Gamardah Fungus – Crossing the Wasteland Review

Desert Waves of Peaceful Music

Ukrainian duo Gamardah Fungus create experimental ambient sessions and their latest album is a drone-like experience that I can only relate to crossing a vast desert. It’s a great piece of mood music for those looking to zone out in a hazy sandstorm and those who enjoy drone raj style music will find plenty to enjoy here.

Gamardah Fungus

Across the five long pieces, Gamardah Fungus place the heat front and centre. The tanpura and sitar from Igor are the staples that create the dessert sound and the drones themselves with occasional synths slowly enveloping the sounds as they shimmer and shine. Sergey’s guitar playing adds plenty of accent to each of the tracks as he gently adds plenty of soul and sound to the vast expanse of the tanpura and sitar. In particular “Samsara” is a track where it all comes together as the guitar feels like a mesh of the wild west and the enlightened east. “Smoke Over Domes” instead eschews the other tracks more gentle approach for something more driven and post-apocalyptic. For those who aren’t into ambient meditative music, Crossing the Wasteland will certainly not convince you in any way to change your mind but what’s here is done exceptionally well.

So if you want something for new age meditative moments but generally have had enough of those light and breeze world music pieces, Gamardah Fungus may have something for you by providing something soothing yet very grounded. Add or take a point away from the score if you like/dislike ambient drone music.

Recommended track: Samsara

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Gamardah Fungus - Crossing the Wasteland


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