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Video Vault – Frauds


Frauds are a Croydon based post-punk duo who like to rock hard and roll around in complete lunacy. Their act might have a huge slice of comedy – dark, satirical and pointed – but the riffs are huge and the anarchy is on point. In the music video for Frauds new single “Animals” its clear that you don’t want to invite them round for a Sunday buffet or take either of them to an all you can eat buffet (and having mates in Croydon, I know of a few good ones haha). It’s Monte-Python meets foodporn BDSM – add it to the playlist for granny for later. “Animals” is the first track for what will be their second album when they get to it and will continue to see an expansion of their two-man anarchist rock machine. I will be looking to pick up their debut in the future and will aim to review it soon.

Enjoy the filth that is “Animals” below. It’s out now.

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