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Higher Plain Music now has a Facebook page

Responding to feedback from record labels, artists, bands and readers, I’ve opened up a simple Facebook page for Higher Plain Music. Every post that is posted on the website will be auto-posted to the Facebook page too. Of course, there is a community page too so for those of you who’d like to chat with other readers or throw even more music onto my radar to keep me eternally poor financially but rich in music – please do go ahead!

This is mainly in response to many labels, PR firms and artists wanting to tag the site on their Facebook posts and often they are tagging my own personal music project or my personal Facebook page – so whilst I won’t be doing too much over there on the page itself outside of chatting to others in the community tab, if you’d like to find my posts there – you can like the page and follow along.

You can sign up by following the link:

Thanks as always for your support 🙂


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