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Introducing… Nanami Ozone

Nanami Ozone
Nanami Ozone

Sometimes I need a really gutsy, riff or chord driven grungy rock band. It’s what turned me onto Nirvana as a child and its why I have a soft spot for a band that will go all guns blazing into simple melodies full of dissonance. Enter Nanami Ozone who take this preset of rock and place their low-fi production into the shoegaze world. Their previous album and EP had more of a Western twang bubbling underneath some of the riffs although it was still firmly rocking out. Here with the new single “3 Mile Ozone”, its as if they’ve embraced their love of mess and I approve.

Enjoy “3 Mile Drive” below – its the first single that will be taken from their forthcoming new album currently due for release in 2019.

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