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Yoshitaka Hirota – Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All Star Carnival Soundtrack Review

A slice of gothic rave arrangements to allude to a dream collaboration

Yoshitaka Hirota is the lead composer for the Shadow Hearts series and his work there is easily in my top five game soundtrack series of all time. To discover he composed the new Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival soundtrack for Theatrhythm is like an ultimate mash up. Whilst the soundtrack itself is criminally short, the music here is sublime.

Hirota’s charm comes from his unique mix of hyper weird abstract electronica and ancient, often gothic instrumentation. He brings this to eight Final Fantasy tracks and offers unique remixes on them. ‘Prelude’ is transformed into an electro-harp trip hop piece whilst ‘Fight With Seymour’ is like a gothic organ dance floor hit. The melodies are unmistakeable but everything feels so vibrant and fresh.

Yoshitaka Hirota

This energetic approach continues with the dance dance revolution euro-dance version of ‘Matoya’s Cave’ and the wonderful way the original synth’s of ‘Final Fantasy V Main Theme’ are woven into techno thumping beat. The theme is serene and regal but now you can bounce around at 160 bpm to it! This speed and beauty continue with ‘JENOVA’ that mixes high speed electronica with gothic vocals to create an eerie demon summoning that wouldn’t be out of place in a nightclub. The more aggressive mid-tempo of ‘Locke’s Theme’ and in particular ‘Red Wings’ with its glitching beats offer a dramatic but energetic slower lane briefly before a chiptune medley rounds off the soundtrack in chibi rave style.

The entire thing is only 20 minutes long but Yoshitaka Hirota has outdone himself with the depth, diversity and individualism of his arrangements. The world needs more of his music in games and this is just more evidence of it.

Recommended track: JENOVA

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Yoshitaka Hirota - Theatrerhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival OST


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