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Introducing… Shady Bug

Shady Bug kick off their promotion for their upcoming sophomore album with fuzzy rock anthem ‘Make It Up’. The four-piece band from St Louis have a really interesting sound where the vocals and guitars are not all quite playing and singing in exactly the same key. It doesn’t sound out of tune though – it sounds bright and jazzy. ‘Make It Up’ switches from light and intricate guitar riffs to raw noise and feels like a fantastic poster child for bedroom start-up rock bands. I personally love it when a song is full of complexity and musical talent but sounds like its a bursting volcano of energy gushing without thought and Shady Bug seem to have captured that feel nicely for me.

Shady Bug’s album ‘Lemon Lime’ is due out on the 8th of March and is available for pre-order. You can enjoy the single ‘Make It Up’ below.

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