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Knightstown – Disparity Review

Following on from his chilled out electronica debut, Knightstown returns with a new EP containing three tracks that Knightstown describes as an epilogue to his debut. It’s a mellow collection and the tracks are best served in low light after midnight.


‘Disparity’ is one of the more simpler tracks that Knightstown has made and is a single in waiting. His wispy voice lilts around the chilled out beats and thin string arrangements to create a track the melodically warm but feels cool to the touch. ‘Illuminate’ is a mellow upbeat piece that could be a crowd anthem if it was in the hands of most electronica artists. Knightstown, however, uses his voice to layer up pillowy backing vocal montages and lush bells and electric guitars to create a soft party in the clouds. The chorus is very catchy too. The EP ends with ‘Border Alt mix’ which strips the original track of its meatier percussion and creates a tightly woven electric keyboard and synth waterfall of chords. It’s quite angelic and dreamy and really suits the track whilst feeling completely different from the original too.

Fans of Knightstown should grab this immediately as it rounds off an excellent debut album era in style. New fans would to better to pick up the album first, not because these tracks aren’t as good, but as it will give you a better journey so that when you come to ‘Disparity’, it will feel like the end of the road.

Recommended track: Illuminate

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Knightstown - Disparity


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