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Introducing… Erland Cooper

Symphonic Scottish Seas

Erland Cooper is my newest find in the ‘electronica contemporary classical piano’ genre that I’ve been increasingly falling in love with. Erland has been gearing up for his second album ‘Sule Skerry’ which is out on the 17th of May. The Scottish composer takes his surrounding with him onto the album too. With his new single ‘Spoot Ebb’ there’s a wonderful soundscape that evokes of the sea and the beach. The pulsating rhythms feels like the mechanics of a boat of factory whilst the strings, piano and gentle operatic singers combine to give a sense of awe and serenity.

You can enjoy the music video to ‘Spoot Ebb’ below. Erland Cooper’s ‘Sule Skerry’ is out on the 17th of May and I’ll be grabbing a copy for review shortly after release.

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