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Tiny Fighter – Tell Me Review

Swedish-Australian indie pop band Tiny Fighter initially started off life as a duo in 2017 as a collaborative effort between a Swedish truck driver and an Aussie doctor. Tiny Fighter was born and expanded into a 5 piece indie pop band and now after three singles, ‘Tell Me’ marks their first EP.

Tiny Fighter

Both the title track and follow up ‘Where Are You Now’ hold those 90’s jangle rock heyday vibes high. The riffs are thick, the choruses catchy and production heavy but pop-focused. Think nods to Mitski but also Belly when they made their radio friendly singles for their albums. The third track is a country-tinged ballad. ‘Katrina’ is a more sombre chamber pop with a cowboy flair and shows that Tiny Fighter can rock the softer side too.

That being said, Tiny Fighter is at their best crafting mammoth sleeper hits or at least that’s where I found my joy with them most. Keep churning out tracks like those and we’ll have a real powerhouse on our hands come Tiny Fighter’s first album.

Recommended track: Tell Me

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