Introducing… FEATURETTE

Featurette is the main event in electro-pop

FEATURETTE are a synth-based electropop duo from Toronto and have a certain edge to their new single ‘Million Things’ that I find rare in a pop track. Lexie and Jon craft something that’s catchy but has a darker tone sliding around underneath. It reminds me sometimes of Oh Land and Utada Hikaru in some ways. It’s pop but there is an adult edge to it and I love it.

‘Million Things’ is FEATURETTE’s latest single which is hopefully leading to a full-length album from their 2016 debut ‘The Crave’. Enjoy the track below and the ludicrous amount of bunny and cat masks. I’d have had a field day at that video shoot! Either way, the aesthetic is great, the tune is catchy as hell and I want to find out more about them.

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