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Introducing… Ilgen-Nur

Silky slacker-rock that will capture your imagination

Born of Turkish and German descent, Ilgen-Nur has a wonderfully silky voice that meshes the two vocal tones into a husky velvet. Ilgen-Nur pushes that voice forward in what she refers to as ‘slacker-rock’. There’s an indie pop sensibility with a splash of rowdy rock to it. It reminds me of the heyday of Brit-pop in the mid 90’s when any band could speak to the jaded generation.

‘In My Head’ is the first single from Ilgen-Nur’s debut album. The single is out now but the album, titled ‘Power Nap’, will be out on the 30th of August. With how expertly crafted the single is, I’m expecting fantastic things. Enjoy the single below.

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