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65daysofstatic announce new album


65daysofstatic perhaps came onto many peoples radar when they headed up the music for the smash-hit game No Man Sky but they had been releasing quality artistic post-rock weirdness for years beforehand. Now after doing lots of post-game launch work, they have returned with a new album.

‘replicr, 2019’ is the name of the new album, due out on the 27th of September. Judging from the album trailer below it sounds like the Sheffield based band has lost none of their power or experimental streaks. The unusual album title is summed up perfectly by drummer Rob Jones.

This was supposed to be the future, but that future got cancelled. History is moving but it’s got nowhere to go. It’s piling up all around us. That’s what this record is about. This atemporality is an illusion, it’s the cultural logic of late capitalism, consuming everything faster and faster, each artefact a more diluted replica of the last.”

Enjoy the album trailer below. The 14 track album sounds like it’s going to be a blast. Pre-order info is in the video description.

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