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David Baron & Donna Lewis’ cover of Kate Bush is pretty sublime

A subtle but seductive rendition all of their own

If you are going to tackle a unique voice like Kate Bush, you need to create an entirely original interpretation of the song. A voice like Kate’s simply doesn’t lend itself well to direct comparisons. Pleasingly, that is the route that producer David Baron and vocalist Donna Lewis ran with when they teamed up. The result is a chilling and seductive rendition of ‘Running Up That Hill’ that focuses on Donna’s evocative voice and a curious string arrangement that’s neither Celtic nor poppy.

I love it. It’s not the first time the two have combined forces on tracks so perhaps they are making a case for an album of collaboration. If so, original tracks and covers in this vein would be lapped up by my ears with glee. Enjoy their cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ below – with purchase links in the SoundCloud description.

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