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Bjork and Fever Ray swap remixes

Swapping beats with the banshees

Two electronica geniuses have had a bit of a mutual challenge with each other in one of the best mashup’s I could have thought of. Bjork and Karin (Fever Ray / The Knife) let each other choose a track to remix and then release them together. I love it when artists mutually join hands and say ‘Love ya babe’ and this is a great example of it.

Bjork chose Fever Ray’s ‘This Country’ and slowed it down to hard harsh kick drum smash. It is interesting but not particularly one I’d jump back to all the time. Karin chose ‘Features Creatures’ and remixed it twice – one in her Fever Ray style and one in a The Knife style. Both are superb, with possibly the Fever Ray version being my personal favourite.

I’ve placed all three below – which tickles your fancy? Let me know.

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