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Minute Taker returns with new single

Worst dinner party guests ever!

Minute Taker, the moniker for Ben McGarvey, is back with a new single ahead of his 2020 planned album ‘Wolf Hour’. The track has an unusual 80’s pop / evil carnival vibe to it and the music video is a recreation of a dream he had. It’s another corker that grows on you upon each listen and it is available to buy on a pay-what-you-want price point from his own website.

As a side note, Minute Taker often spends more of his time talking about other musicians that he loves – shining a light on their new releases or reminiscing over older ones (Bowie and Bush for example). I have a feeling if you enjoy all the piano-laden pop rock that I adore and talk about here, you’ll have a great time chatting over on his Facebook and Instagram accounts too. Enjoy the music video for the single ‘Hearts (We’ll Never Know)’ below.

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