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Introducing… TELGATE

Androgyny Welsh Prodigy Rockers

TELGATE have released a debut punk rock single that justifies the all caps name. The Welsh quartet’s debut single ‘CherryTight’ is a metaphoric riot around the AIDS crisis of the 80s and how the LGBT+ community mourned through that process. It’s a mixture of glamorous rock, punky angst and heavy beats and I really enjoyed it. Whilst I often stick to just the music for commentary, TELGATE’s four members all dress and style themselves to be androgynous and their appearance and personas on stage are a large slice of the bands’ pie.

That means nothing though if the music isn’t up to scratch but this is an absolute riot – particularly the final section where it all gets loosey-goosey. ‘CherryTight’ will be released for download on the 22nd of November but you can listen to it below.

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