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Ollie Trevers – Cordelia Review

A voice of many octaves and a guitar that can rock

Having a unique sound or twang is a godsend when your a singer/songwriter in the rock genre. It is a place that is hard to stand out. Ollie Trevers manages to with his evocative voice, which stays front and centre in the mix throughout his EP ‘Cordelia’.

Across the five tracks on the EP, Ollie Trevers structures his rock around waves of electric guitar and waves of vibrato vocals. For instance ‘Can’t Make It Up’ has huge anthemic choruses for the guitars to shine. The verses are almost chill out funk styled that let Ollie sing in a gentle operatic manner. There is a mild resemblance to Alt-J’s vocalist Joe Newman but Ollie has a wider vocal range and a cleaner delivery.

Ollie Trevers

That means when he is bellowing out full speed in the opener ‘Dispassionate Love’ or if he is creating the gentlest of flutters in the middle of the superb ‘I Need Someone’ – Ollie is strong and fierce. His voice and its dexterity is Ollie’s strongest asset because it lets him build up to huge moments and that then guides his songwriting. He uses it to power rock aplomb in the aforementioned ‘I Need Someone’ and also in the Bowie Blues of ‘Lost Alone’.

‘Cordelia’ is an accomplished and confident EP. Ollie Trevers can weave his voice around catchy riffs with ease. He makes light work of switching octaves in a pinch and when it all falls into place, Trevers is making some underground anthems to be discovered in years to come.

Recommended track: I Need Someone

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Ollie Trevers - Cordelia



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