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Ten Moon – Exit West Review

Folk songs of survival

One of the most interesting and unique releases of 2019 comes from singer-songwriter Ten Moon. With her survivors EP ‘Exit West’ she creates a mixture of soothing vocal arrangements and a mildly creepy folk-rock.

‘Whale Bones’ opens like a soft prelude. Ten Moon has a beautifully rich voice that she layers up in a way that reminds me of the first three Sarah McLachlan albums. She lulls you into safety and warmth despite the lyrics and musical mood to follow.

Ten Moon

‘Retrograde’ has a mixture of unnerving synth verses and then an alt-groove chorus. Less than standard chord progressions matched with lots of synth and string motifs that revel in being offbeat and unnerving make the track an alternative anthem. ‘Dark Days’ is more whimsical with its slow-burn rock and catchy hooks. Ten Moons hushed vocal reminds me of No Hamilton here – as does the general EP production.

‘Ice Storm’ takes elements of the previous tracks but acts as a prelude for the stunning ‘Empty Vessels’. Starting off as an acoustic ballad it erupts into a percussive roar and explosion of choral callbacks. It is one of the most emotional musical moments of 2019 and floors me upon every listen. The EP then closes with the angelic but far too short acoustic guitar and vocal piece ‘flight’.

Ten Moon has created an emotional rollercoaster with ‘Exit West’. It perfectly balances emotive artistry with catchy riffs. She also has some really powerful lungs to hammer home exactly how she feels. Easily one of my best discoveries of 2019. Everyone needs to hear this.

Recommended track: Empty Vessels

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Ten Moon - Exit West



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