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Zenobia – Zenobia EP Review

Palestine's Dance Anthem

Sounds like…

Palestine went clubbing

The Review

Combining Arabian melodies and plenty of Dabke (Levantine folk) rhythms, Zenobia released a fantastic EP last year to warm us up for their forthcoming album in June 2020.

‘Zenobia EP’ contains three tracks that are beaming with energy. ‘KSR KSR KSR’ moves at a fast pace as Arabian instruments are channelled through synths that feel like lines of radio waves sliding around your head. The drums are a mixture of electronic and sampled analogue drums but for the majority of the EP, it is usually electronic throughout. It is like someone took everything you’ve heard about traditional Arabia and electrified it, added a dance beat and sent it clubbing for the night.


-La Fou- Up’ takes brass samples to jazz up a folksy dance into something that you could still take to a folk union but also a dance floor. The way the strings and brass are pointed in their stabbing melody makes the music very dynamic to listen to. ‘Tawahan’ then closes the EP out with a mixture of both pieces and a heavy bass line. The bass gives a richness to the reed-like Habban synths that blast at you like bagpipes.

Zenobia created something groovy, intoxicating and unique with their debut EP. It feels respectful of the traditional melodies and stanzas whilst bringing the sound of Palestine to a whole new arena. I am very excited to see how the sound is expanded upon on their first album later this year. In the meantime, the freshness of ‘Zenobia EP’ will keep me dancing well into the night.

Recommended track: KSR KSR KSR

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Zenobia - Zenobia EP



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