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An Heirloom – An Heirloom Review

Nostalgic dreamy pop

Sounds like…

Someone chopped up and rearranged an indie pop song on shuffle

The review

I often find indie pop bands are some of the most creative sonic artists we have. They bend and manipulate sounds into weird and wonderful things and that is exactly where An Heirloom come in. An Heirloom are Remy and Andrew – two producers with an ear for sound. The duo from Brisbane, Australia create a really interesting sound with their self titled EP which I discovered a few weeks ago.

An Heirloom

Across the three tracks, the vibe is always the same but how they get there is different. There is also a punchy pulsating beat that often clicks and trips over itself. There is always a mirage of keyboards and a smattering of electric piano hidden in the mix too. Those along with thick rubbery basslines and soft vocals all push towards a nostalgic whimsical feeling. Then they pick up other sounds, effects, tone shifts and glitch them into the track. Yes, you’ll have the overall melody but other noises or vocal layers are chopped up like a madman who just hates onions. It creates an airy chaos because everything else feels really calm and inviting. The way how the tracks all feel familiar but strange at the same time is really cool and you quickly gloss over some of the more atonal singing that could otherwise grate.

An Heirloom have created a fun and unique sound for their indie pop. I can see fans of music like Imogen Heap being interested on one hand because of all the tech wizardry but perhaps fans of acts like Seeming, Son Lux or Baths may enjoy this type of music best. I am excited to see where the duo takes their sound in the future.

Recommended track: Like Soldiers

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An Heirloom - An Heirloom



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