Introducing… Compro Oro

A genre mash up you never knew you wanted

Compro Oro is a Belgian psychedelic jazz collective. For their new album, they’ve teamed up with Turkish folk singers Murat Ertel and Esma Ertel to create a unique improvisation album. The album is called ‘Simurg’ and came out last week. It is an unusual mix of psyche-rock, jazzy percussion, electric saz solos and interesting Turkish folk nuances. Compro Oro seems to switch up how they approach music each album and so this experimental piece may well be a one-off but they definitely have something with this mashup.

The lead single ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ is one of the more chilled tracks from the album. It’s rhythmic drums feel like folk-jazz whilst the saz just flits around embellishing the waves of sound. The album is so diverse in its mix of jazz, beats, electric saz, folk and electronica – just check it out if any of this sounds interesting to you! Enjoy the single below.

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