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Introducing… The Sea At Midnight

New Wave Gothics

If you like bands like The Cure, Joy Division and Depeche Mode then chances are you’ll enjoy The Sea At Midnight. Vince Grant, the man behind the project has no qualms with wearing his influences on his sleeve and his sound works a treat. From the rubbery bass , to the echo thumping bass from the hammering drums and the shoegazing guitars, the new wave scene is well and truly embraced. Capping off the sound of The Sea At Midnight is Vince’s voice. Dramatic and full of emotion, much like a rockier Marc Almond.

Whilst being delightfully perched in 1988 production sensibilities and new wave sounds, The Sea At Midnight has an album coming out later this year. He worked with Chris King on production and drums in an interesting way. Instead of focusing on how an album would sound, they decided to work on each song completely as an individual. The idea was that each song could then be unique and not tied to a theme or production setting. The lead single from this collection is called ‘We Share The Same Stars’ and is available to enjoy below. It will be released on August the 21st on Bandcamp.

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