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Introducing… Henrik Lindstrand

Piano left out in the cold harsh world

Pianist, producer and composer Henrik Lindstrand hails from Sweden and is gearing up for the release of his third solo album ‘Nordhem’ via One Little Independent. It comes out on the 23rd of October and judging from the lead single ‘Dungen’ is will be a meticulously crafted oasis of calm. Whilst Henrik has made a simple but memorable melody, its the excellent piano tuning and effects that bubble around it that really made my ears come to life. This is also enhanced by the music video where Henrik sits atop a motorway playing his song. He replaces the piano cover down to an almighty crash and suddenly all the traffic can be heard again. It is so simple but effective and gave me a genuine wry smile.

‘Nordhem’ is the third album in a trilogy that is woven together by poetic soundscapes. Henrik Lindstrand takes his piano and uses it alongside real-world field recordings and ambient piano noises in interesting ways. He first did this with ‘Leken’ in 2017 and then again with ‘Nattresan’ in 2019. It brings an interesting meaning to the phrase prepared piano and I’ll be diving into this back catalogue myself to learn more. Enjoy ‘Dungen’ below.

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