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Rock to get messy to.

Sounds like…

Grunge music if it was falling down the Alice Rabbit Hole.

The review

Bristol has a history of good rock bands and the UK town has another decent one on their land with INDIGOS. The trio’s debut EP is a self-titled statement of intent that the rock they intend to create with be sludgy, muddy and constantly twisting around in unusual ways. It is a delight to listen to.


Each track has a tilt to it that makes something feel warped or psychedelic. With lead single ‘I’m Healed’ its the grungy vocals that twist off from the main guitar and bass riffs. With ‘Animalistic’ its all the interesting guitar noises and bass notes that start to peel off from the main melody. ‘Out of Body’ takes an unusual chord progression into a simple time structure. It also flips from calming verses to explosive and chugging choruses too. ‘Silhouette of You’ feels like a mash-up of Alice in Chains, Cardigans and Smashing Pumpkins – which feels like the general direction the band are going in. It is a great vibe as you have plenty of guitar hooks to get your teeth into but at the same time, there is always something off-kilter to make your ears prick up too. Often this comes from the duel vocals. The male/female doubling up allows both voices to meander in their own way to create a tiny bit of dissonance that works a treat in the mix.

Whilst the EP is short; it is very sweet. The songs pack a punch and relish in the fact they don’t go full blast all the way from lights to flag. INDIGOS have certainly caught my attention and I’m excited to see where this party ends up. File under ‘rock to get messy to’.

Recommended track: I’m Healed

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