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Morpheus Project is the very definition of genre-bending music

Defying genre and wowing with scale

Usually, when I introduce a new artist, I simply title the posts as ‘Introducing…’ but with Morpheus Project, I wanted to highlight to everything that this is no ordinary music project. Sri-Lankan born Mustafa Khetty is already known for creating classical music but with his new musical passion Morpheus Project, he has turned to Prog-Rock to express his love for the genre. ‘Mozaick’ is the lead single to introduce you to this project and it is stunning. Containing over 30 instruments and a staggering 130 different recorded tracks, ‘Mozaick’ is a true mosaic of musical form. It shifts from rock to synth to jazz to world to classical to deeply percussive in blinks of an eye. It is a melting pot of so many different cultures and genres that it is a truly superb achievement to mesh them all together seamlessly.

Alongside this, Morpheus Project has created a superb music video full of dance and light to express the music too. The result is an absolutely superb artistic expression that I think is the first track to genuinely wow me in quite some time. Let us hope this kickstarts an EP or LP. Enjoy it below.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your kind words. Mozaick knackered me, perhaps about three months of work identifying sound palettes and transitions and searching for musicians who could add the native touch in the playing style. Being a 3rd/4th culture kid, the fusion of different genres and blending it seamlessly was an arduous task. Instrumentalists do tend to live in the comfort zone and to bend the rules was both fun and tense.

    The long version 8.41 minutes captures the essence of the multi ethnic ‘genre-bending’ (delicately defined), moving from the classical influence, especially choral. The experimental part was matching timbres in the sound design of what blends and handshakes across the instrument spectrum.

    Would I do it again? Absolutely. We got the formula after much pain and strain.

    Best wishes
    Morpheus Project by Mustafa Khetty

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