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Eliza Edens – Time Away From Time Review

An acoustic gem that asks you to take time for yourself

Sounds like…

America’s country folk heart on simmer.

The review

It isn’t often I feature a singer songwriter who brings just an acoustic guitar, some double bass and a voice but that’s almost all Eliza Edens brings. ‘Time Away From Time’ remains a beautifully sparse and timely album though. Through some deeply cathartic and sensitive pieces, Eliza reminds everyone to take pause in the world around them.

Across the album, Eliza fingerpicks her way around the guitar and many of the tracks have that Country wane in the background, although rarely as its central theme and feel. Instead, Edens makes sure that each track sits somewhere between contemplative and desert moody. With occasional embellishments to the guitar and Eliza’s smooth and wise sounding voice, its a sparse but incredibly direct album that doesn’t play on filler.

Eliza Edens

The album really feels like the tracks are divided by two headspaces. The first is the headspace that taking time for yourself is a good thing. The title track, ‘Garden of Sound’, ‘Illusion Sublime’ and ‘Ramble’ all have a lighter, gently uplifting vibe to them. They take their time with the riffs and melodies and keep a smile in the strum.

The second headspace is when taking time for yourself can feel more of a burden or too loud for your own good. ‘Long Drive’, ‘Days, Nights’ and the superb ‘When Silence Turns to Sound’ all follow this motive. These tracks are darker in tone, have minor keys galore and the latter track has some excellent noise production too. I love the balance between these two states and the way they complement each other. It is a delicate album and its full of humility and warmth.

Eliza Edens has made a lovely album and it will be one that gains a growing fanbase over time. These are the kinds of albums that people discover years later and declare as a hidden gem online. I’d rather you discovered it now as it is a little gem worth enjoying – especially in these turbulent times. A great switch off and drift album.

Recommended track: Time Away From Time

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Eliza Edens - Time Away From Time



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