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Clarice Jensen – Ainu Mosir Review

Deep thoughts in deep meditations.

Sounds like…

Minimalistic contemporary classical reflection.

The review

‘Ainu Mosir’ is the title of a movie about indigenous Japanese people performing their cultural ceremonies and beliefs publicly for tourist attraction. The main characters father has recently passed away and so the understated and reflective mood of spirituality flows throughout. This is where Clarice Jensen comes in as composer for the soundtrack, distilled down into a 15 minute EP of the same name.

Clarice Jensen

Pianist, cellist and composer – Clarice Jensen works with both these instruments and the lightest of distant electronica to create a distant reflective mood. Tracks like ‘Winter’ and ‘Sacrifice’ bask in the slow brooding of a single cello string and brassy synth hues like a meditation. They feel like a cello is channelling a crystal singing bowl as different frequencies feel more acutely dissonant than others. Elsewhere ‘Fishing’ and ‘Summer’ are more uplifting and melodic. These remind me of the calm and homely Japanese villages where time stands still in a warm and nostalgic way. ‘Sleep’ which closes the EP, bridges these two genres of creating music. There is a droning spiritual white noise hue hovering around throughout as airy piano plinks flicker and flutter carefully like connecting synapses in the mind.

Perhaps a bit more minimalist than my usual taste, I could still appreciate where Clarice Jensen took the music. As someone who has been quite unwell recently, the ability to sit in a calm reflection has been a gift and this is the kind of music that can place you there. Beautifully understated throughout.

Recommended track: Sleep

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Clarice Jensen - Ainu Mosir



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