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Bomba Estéreo – Aire Review

Dancing on air in Columbia.

Sounds like…

The light and airy side of Columbian electronica.

The review

Bomba Estéreo has been working on their new album Deja for some time and it is divided up into the four elements. Agua (Water) released as an EP in February and featured the stunning Lido Pimienta on one of the tracks. The next element to be released is Aire (Wind). Encompassing the wind, lightness and freedom of air – this trio of tracks contains three up-tempo and uplifting Columbian electronica.

Photo credit Jhoy Suarez
Bomba Estereo
Photo credit Jhoy Suarez

‘Ahora’ opens up with gentle electronica beats and catchy vocals as Bomba Estéreo’s singer Li Saumet commands presence as always. All the instruments have a fluffy bubble to them. It is flowing and relaxed, much like the ‘Profundo’ that follows. This track is all about the cloudy synths and marching beats that cradle them. The synth work here is a little psyche-jazzy but the rest of the track sits firmly in the Columbian electronica scene. It is the beats and synth runs alongside floating electronic guitars that make the breezy ‘Se Acabo’ my favourite track of the trio. It feels like you are a South American superhero on cruise control above the clouds at sunset. One third party, one third chilling guitars and one third clever production with lush nature sounds hiding in the mix. I love how everything in the EP just flows effortlessly together and the tracks are seamless.

‘Aire’ is the lighter side of Bomba Estéreo whereas ‘Agua’ had more bass weight to it and a more grounded feel to the music. I’m really intrigued as to how the fire and earth elements come together to create the album ‘Deja’ overall. We don’t have long to wait. Deja is due out on the 2nd July and looks set to be a real tour de force. ‘Aire’ is perfect for the Spring season though – we all need a bit of levity after such a difficult time. Get those feet moving!

Recommended track: Se Acabo

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Bomba Estereo - Aire



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