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Henrikes – Naive Again Review

Scandipop of the highest pedigree.

Sounds like…

A sumptuous slice of mature synth-pop.

The review

Scandipop is definitely a thing. I’m not sure what makes Scandinavian pop just a little bit more mature than the bubblegum meh of most pop. If pop is on over in the Higher Plain Music towers, its usually Scandipop. Henrikes is the prime example of how effortlessly an artist can crawl into your brain and lay track after track of catchy tunes… without driving you mad.


Henrikes style of synth-pop is a heady mix of modern pop, 80’s synths and some big drums and vocals. It’s like a cross between ABBA, Highasakite and Susanne Sundfor. A pie of synth-pop with mature indie pop fillings. This translates to big dancefloor bangers like ‘Vintage Love’ with fuzzy bass lines and huge retro drums with catchy choruses. Power chords and catchy vocoder background riffs fly eternal with the dramatic ‘Fictional’. Fragile vocals and thin synths over dreamy piano and filtered drums make ‘Naive’ a dream-pop beauty. ‘Velodrome’ is a quirky Mesadorm-esque mix of indie sentimentality in a synth-pop dress. ‘Fragments’ is a chaotic mix of arpeggiators and symphonic twisted synths pitch bending and glitching out.

If Henrikes just did one side of the pop spectrum and not the other, the EP would be a lesser beast. What ‘Naive Again’ shows is that they can merge arty, uniqueness and killer hooks into one cohesive release. It is a potent and heady mix and perfect for those of you looking for your Summer 2021 anthems. Look no further, Henrikes has you covered.

Recommended track: Fictional

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Henrikes - Naive Again



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