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ME REX has created an album that can be played as tarot cards

A totally new way to experience an album.

ME REX has made one of the most interesting album concepts I’ve come across in recent years. Their forthcoming album ‘MEGABEAR’ is a 52 track album. Each track is around 30 seconds long, they all run at 120bpm and in the key of Bb. Each track runs seamlessly into the next and you can shuffle the deck and play the tracks in any order. In fact, every time you open the album to play it, you’ll get a totally different set-up and order. Want to dive forward, swipe the card and move to the next track. It takes an awful lot to really create something unique in the music world. ME REX has genuinely impressed and intrigued me. Apparently, there are 8.06e+67 possible ways to play the album. Wow.

Naturally, to market this and get some idea of ME REX’s sound with a project like this is quite tricky. To do so they’ve created ‘Galena’ – a standard styled single that is inspired by the music on the album. ‘Galena’ takes six segments of the album ‘MEGABEAR’ and stitches them together just as you would find the album does so too. It is quintessential indie pop-rock and you can enjoy the track below.

For more information about ME REX, visit their website. Please note you can simply just buy the audio too instead of the fully interactive web-based tarot experience.

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