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Introducing… Poppy Ackroyd

Optimistic and rejuvenating contemporary piano beauties.

Although Poppy Ackroyd is gearing up for her fourth album to come out later this year, the talented composer has only just graced my ears with her stunning new single ‘Seedling’. The track is a delicate piano composition full of wonder and a skip in its step. The tracks’ light piano skips up the higher registers like an animal emerging from hibernation. It sounds both youthful and optimistic. Think Nils Frahm with the tiniest splash of Hauschka and you are in the right ballpark.

Poppy Ackroyd, currently in Brighton, UK, wrote her forthcoming album ‘Pause’ during the pandemic and giving birth to her first child. The inspiration coming from both events essentially putting ‘normal life’ on hold. The track ‘Seedling’ has a beautiful music video to accompany it. Filmed by videographer Jola Kudela, Jola says it’s a video about nature waking up. It is a timelapse of leaves and plants defrosting and involves infrared cameras. It is a stunning effect that matches the musical mood perfectly.

Enjoy the video for ‘Seedling’ below. The track is out today. For more information about Poppy Ackroyd, including her forthcoming album ‘Pause’ due out 12th November, visit her website.

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