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Elizabeth Leslie – Brave Animal Review

Darkwave meets dance floor.

Sounds like….


The review

Mixing together darkwave, electronica and some tight guitar riffs, Elizabeth Leslie makes dance music for the goths… or dance music for people who enjoy guitars. ‘Brave Animal’ is her 2020 debut EP that contains three absolute bangers. Whilst we await her second EP, it seems like a great time to remind everyone of her talented ways from her debut.

Elizabeth Leslie

‘Slave Song’ is like a Lady Gaga track that is truly darkwave. Big chords, huge synths, driving drums and a throbbing electric guitar that pushes the song along. Elizabeth Leslie has a voice made for dramatic synthpop and she uses it to perfection, moving from sass and to drama. ‘To the Next’ is more electronica orientated with wub-wub basslines, time-stretched outros and a middle eight that could be found in an underground industrial venue and Ibiza at the same time. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ feels like a lost track from an artist like Curve. Indeed, where Elizabeth Leslie picks up is the kind of thing I’d have expected Curve to be doing if they were still together. Its visceral and anthemic whilst never forgetting its rock roots.

‘Brave Animal’ has one tiny misstep and that’s on the opening song. The production sounds like when Elizabeth swears, she’s muted the word ‘fuck’ to fade out. I don’t think it’s the intended case but for an EP about being the brave animal, it does stick out a little. That production mishap aside, it is a phenomenal debut EP. You can dance, you can be moody, you can be dramatic. Elizabeth Leslie lets you be all three at once whilst wearing a cape of mystery and intrigue. A great merger of ideas and ideals.

Recommended track: Slave Song

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Elizabeth Leslie - Brave Animal



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