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Introducing… Thief

Mystical industrial rock.

Channelling the very best of late 90’s industrial rock and peak MTV alternative music, Theif returns with their new album ‘The 16 Deaths of My master’ on the 27th of August. Fronted by Dylan Neal, who has transitioned from botanist to cult band status, Theif mix in strings, harpsichord and synth organs into the mix to give a ritualistic feel to their music. This is in part due to the subject matter of the songs but also their interactions with Zen Buddism. It’s a wonderfully off-kilter collection of ideas and sounds that just works beautifully.

The lead single from the new album is ‘Scorpion Mother’ and it is a real grower. The track starts off as a percussive and synth bass jam before ending like a religious battle of the ages with dramatic organ cascades and heavy lyrics. The video comes complete with wrestling scorpions too for the Attenborough among us.

For more information on Thief, visit their Bandcamp where pre-orders are also open.

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