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LURK – Around the Sun Review

Sounds like…

Hardcore rock that isn’t afraid to try new things.

The review

LURK has the ability to smash together punk, grunge and hardcore rock together in such a way that it makes them feel like all three at once. Crisp power chords, raging hooks, punky vocals and some sublime guitar solos make ‘Around the Sun’ a tour-de-force.

The American band knows how to write a catchy riff. Single ‘Crack A Smile’ feels free-flowing and bassline that pushes forward a purposely quirky chord progression. It’s uplifting and a potential radio hit. LURK are able to switch their thrashing rock styles from track to track though. ‘Pressure Points’ is a crossover between new wave gold and a warbly effect on punk vocals. ‘See-Thru’ is a blitzkrieg rage that explodes into a gliding and catchy chorus akin to Foo Fighters on a grungier day. ‘Bermuda’ takes a spacey Alice In Chains style rock and then has the vocals turned into a robot with a sore throat. Think evil Stephen Hawkin and your close. Add in the riot punkness of opener ‘Chronosone’ and the screaming edge of ‘Sterilizer’ and you have a real palette of hardcore rock to enjoy.

photo of Lurk

This roulette wheel acts as such a great jumping-off point for LURK because whilst they all sound different, the LURK DNA shines through. The drums are dynamic and full of little kicks and frills that add body to the tracks. The guitars are often given a little tweak to add in a weird b-movie quirk to them to make them stand out. It often feels like they’ve plugged themselves into organ cabinets and given something a watery effect. Even when they go full Green Day on us with ‘Top Secret’, all these quirks make them stand out.

‘Around the Sun’ deserves a spin around your music playlists and music collection if you are a fan of rock in general. LURK’s debut album is a showcase of all the different versions of being a hardcore rocker yet it still sounds cohesive. Even when they take the melodic high road on something more laid back such as their title track closer, it’s a superb ride. This is a mega half-hour of punk to pump you up.

Recommended track: Crack A Smile

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LURK - Around the Sun



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