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Void Comp – Last Days Review

Psyche-synth indie pop for those that love epic synth riffs.

Sounds like…

Warped sad indie synth-pop.

The review

Void Comp I’m sure has a VHS fascination. The indie synth rocker has managed to give all their synths a detuned tape warp feel. As notes slide in and out of tune, everything feels a little disoriented and broken. That’s exactly why ‘Last Days’ works.

Take the track ‘Taxa’ for example. It’s a mixture of rubbery bass guitar, chilled near trip-hop beats and smooth vocals that feel spacey and brooding. Then drenched all around those indie-pop sounds are layers of synths that warp, pitch bend and twist around the music. Unlike most other indie bands that play synths, Void Comp make no bones about putting them front and centre. Tracks like ‘Need to Know’ feature synth solos that blaze into siren wails and wiry echoes. Extended solos and outros bask in the synth play and often there are multiple riffs and chord patterns all intermingled to create a sea of synths to swim in.

photo of Void Comp
Void Comp

With half the EP dedicated to this psychedelic-tinged synth wizardry, it’s down to the title track and the lead single ‘Come My Way’ to provide the more accessible Void Comp entry points. The latter is the shining example of indie pop-rock done right. The depressing hushed tones of the vocals mix with the relaxed drums, new romantic tendencies hidden under dramatic synth solos. It is one of 2021s indie pop highlights.

Unapologetically downbeat whilst unveiling lavish synth crescendos, Void Comp makes his mark by eschewing standard song motifs. There’s a ton of electronica and late-night melancholy to found in this void. Dive in.

Recommended track – Come To Me

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