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Chancha Via Circuito & Luvi Torres – Ceremonia Review

The pre ceremonia rituals.

Sounds like…

Andean folk to shake and breathe to.

The review

Chancha Via Circuito is someone who I’ve personally only discovered last year but immediately clicked with his rhythmic Andean beats. The Argentinian producer manages to mix eclectic electronica with South American instrumentation and a wild selection of guest vocalists and performers. Luvi Torres joins him for this beautiful introductory EP to their collaboration. It feels like a collection of preludes for something wild to follow.

Photo of Chancha Via Circuito and Luvi Torres
Chancha Via Circuito and Luvi Torres

Each track features Luvi Torres’ stunning vocals in a new and interesting light but each one feels ancestorial and sacred. Whether it is the cascading drones of ‘Abro’ that bring hums and bassy shimmers over shakers and forest sounds or the quirky harpsichords of ‘Creo’ that bring a medieval flair to the electronica, Torres guides us through. Chancha in return provides a rhythmic soundtrack of plucked and shaken instruments and a synth bass that underscores the intent. Unlike previous Chancha Via Circuito works, drums are all but absent. The rhythms come from the vocals and surrounding plucks and gongs. For instance, the fabulous ‘Sano’ lets Torres’ voice just pulsate out. It sounds like a dreamy fire chant that is one scream away from becoming something sinister. The only track to contain drums is the slow crawl of closing track ‘Amo’. Here deep bass throbs and distant woodwind let the dramatic drum snaps ring out. Again, Luvi Torres’ voice steals the show with a brooding chant that builds to its final cry on the outro with satisfaction.

The whole set-up of the EP feels like tracks that are trying to rouse and stir the soul for something bigger to follow. I was waiting for the big drop and the tension to unleash but in these four tracks, that never comes. What’s here is beautiful and excellently put together. I just hope that EP continues the story with a second act that lets the tension crackle into a frenzied moment of release.

Recommended track: Sano

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Chancha Via Circuito & Luvy Torres - Ceremonia



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