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Mike Raznick – AWAY: The Survival Series Soundtrack Review

The Soundtrack to Planet Earth

Sounds like…

The cinematic soundtrack to your own nature documentary.

The review

AWAY: The Survival Series has had me intrigued since its first trailer and I plan to pick it up in the usual holiday retail therapy plunge! It is a game that puts you in open spaces as various creatures to play out a nature documentary. As you can imagine, scoring this could be a daunting task but Mike Raznick rises to the occasion with some beautifully evocative music.

AWAY The Survival Series Soundtrack cover art

The centrepiece of this soundtrack is without doubt ‘Sugar Glider- Training Day’. It is a seven-minute orchestrated character piece. From the quirky steel drums and woodwind that gives a curious ‘gotta climb a mountain’ steely ambition, the music builds and builds over time into a mechanical wheel of percussive glassy tones. It isn’t about out and out power or dramatic strings but it puts me into stealth drama and a focused mode perfectly. It’s fascinating because a lot of the other seven tracks on the release are far more cinematically bombastic and have real scale and scope to them but I kept coming back to the quieter moments. That doesn’t mean that ‘Soaring in the Clouds’ and ‘Bearded Vulture – VR Flight’ in particular aren’t superb cinematic treats, mind. It’s just that the sound palette for ‘Exploring the Biosphere Dome’ really paints a sonic picture to let your imagination run riot. A creature dancing here, something lurking under the foliage there. It’s really cleverly done. My only complaint is it’s just 26 minutes and I wanted more of this diverse character-driven score.

Mike Raznick has a degree in environmental sciences and is clearly having great fun bringing nature to life through music. His ability to give animal actions a sound motif is top tier. It’s also worth noting all proceeds of AWAY: The Survival Series Soundtrack will go to The Audobon Society. The Audobon Society help protect birds and their habitats. As a standalone soundtrack, it is short but very sweet. I’d love to see it synced with gameplay footage of the animals to create an Anima Mundi styled audio-visual movie too. I think it’d work really well. Well worth taking the flight for.

Recommended track: Sugar Glider – Training Day

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AWAY: The Survival Series Soundtrack



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