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Introducing… CLIFFWALKER

70s inspired vibraphone rock to take you on a trip.

It isn’t very often I read about a musician’s tagline and totally laugh my head off and agree with it but the duo CLIFFWALKER nails it. Imagine Kraftwerk went sexy and wanted to score Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain”. That might be a niche reference though (indeed, this is a niche website and yes, that film is stunning) so let’s follow that up with something wider. CLIFFWALKER are an instrumental duo with Cliff on bass and keys and Walker on vibes, drums, keys and guitar. We are transported back to the 1970s in a jazzy psychedelic way where riffs and patterns build and spiral out of control.

Central to their sound is the vibraphone. It’s here in its glassy and funky finest and then gritted up along with guitars to give it a rockier tone. I don’t know if Vibrarock is a thing but if it’s not, this duo have invented it. The sound CLIFFWALKER straddles covers so many vibes that I just want to show “70s cop show trauma!” at it but also enjoy myself with the riffs. Incidentally, my mum was on the phone to me when I the song turned itself on and she said “oh it reminds me of the music in the cinema when the ice cream lady would come in the interval”. Make of that what you will!

“Punching Clocks” is their new single and it’s taken from their forthcoming EP “Painted Grey Sky” which is due out on the 24th of June. Enjoy the curious jazzrock of “Punching Clocks” below – the single is out now. For more information on CLIFFWALKER visit their Bandcamp.

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