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Introducing… Tegh and Adel Poursamadi

A post-human sci-fi world romanticising the past.

Blurring the lines between noise and Iranian muses isTegh. The Tehran based artist has created a sci-fi infused synth and noise backdrop to twist and warp around collaborations with various Iranian musicians and artists. “Ijād ایجاد” is the lead single which sees Tegh team up with violinist Adel Poursamadi and the two have collaborated on an entire album. That album is entitled “Ima” and will be released on the 22nd of July through the classical minimalist Injazero label, which I greatly enjoy.

Tegh and Adel’s album is a heady concept. The music is designed to sound like it is coming from the future where humans are actively looking for new tools and ways to express their emotions. This means that anger, frustration, fear and guttural emotions sound metallic, fragmented and machine formed as jarring, kaleidoscopic synths and noise sheer around your ears thanks to Tegh. Abel then floats in with some beautiful Iranian violin as if to romanticise and cling to the tendrils of the emotive and organic past. Add to that the general shift of progress for musical expression in Iran and Tehran and you have a fascinating microcosm to explore.

Enjoy the chaotic but engrossing”Ijād ایجاد” below. The single is out now. Tegh and Adel Poursamadi both can be followed for their various projects through their websites. Also, keep an eye out for new media artist Amir B. Ash who has created a web-based VR experience to accompany a 10 portion of the album. It will feature generative painting and I can absolutely see how the audio-visual tie in could work fantastically with this cinematic style of experimental music.

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