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Introducing… Angus MacRae

A rising voice in contemporary classical music brings his childhood memories to life.

British composer and musician Angus MacRae has worked in TV, film, ballet and theatre but he has returned back to his roots for his upcoming third album “Vivarium”. The concept behind the album is to recapture lost childhood imagination. To do so, Angus has turned to a variety of peers for inspiration such as Jon Hopkins and Son Lux – both artists who flip modern classical ideas on their heads. Angus’s forthcoming album will feature intimate piano riffs paired with ghostly and at times bombastic orchestral strings and hypnotic vocals. Expect to be taken on a ride.

About the project, Angus said “As a child, the real world was as mysterious, magical, and unknown as the worlds I dreamed of and those I imagined could be real. As a child, I relied on these imagined worlds to better understand the reality of the world I was living in. Yet as an adult, the feeling of being immersed in them had drifted into darkness. The lessons from them had been learned, replaced by the starker realities of adulthood.”

Lead single “Amulet” showcases all these ideas in a single track. It is a slow burn, building up from piano motif to hypnotic string arrangement, growing more omnipresent and powerful over time. It wasn’t something that clicked on first listen but this track, with the lights off, works an absolute treat. “Amulet” is out now and you can listen to it below. “Vivarium” is out on the 30th of September and you can find out more about Angus’ work on his website.

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