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Gregory Douglass launches Kickstarter for new album and its one I’ll be backing

The only Kickstarter I'm backing in 2022.

Independent musicians need support now more than ever, and whilst I don’t usually back Kickstarters, I make a special allowance for Gregory Douglass. The singer-songwriter formed part of my regular online music scene with his superb online concerts where Gregory would be bashing out requests, doing dating covers and bringing along his husband and Cellist Monique Citro along for the ride. In essence, he built a community that really felt uniquely inviting to newcomers and like a coffeehouse evening with friends. For anyone who loves a fiercely strong vocal and some dramatic piano-based alt-pop/rock – if you haven’t found Gregory Douglass yet, I urge you to wander through bits of his back catalogue. His 2009 album ‘Battler‘ also marked a special time for me as it was one of the first times running Higher Plain Music, that I’d been invited into a musical community by an artist too. Often PR, blogs, press and artists don’t get to cross paths nearly as often as I’d like.

‘This Dream’ is the title for the forthcoming album, to back on Kickstarter. Gregory puts it best: “Music is free but making it costs money”. Now in his 40s, Gregory Douglass has found a lot of past has had a shadow of shame around truly being exactly who he is. Douglass wanted to explore this and put this shame out to rest.

The new album will tell shameless stories enveloped in modern-meets-80s throwback production. Think Troye Sivan or Florence + the Machine meets the power ballads of 80s bands like Heart or Roxette! 

Gregory Douglass

The Kickstarter runs until the 30th of October 2022 and there’s an online web concert this evening at 4pm PT / 7pm ET (midnight in the UK for me) if you’d like to experience the music. Regardless of which indie musicians you support, surviving as an indie musician is living between shrinking margins. A world without them is a much poorer and sadder one. For info on Gregory Douglass, visit his website.

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