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Introducing… Sister Wives

Psychedelic folklore and witchcraft from the English industrial cities and Welsh countryside.

Sister Wives mix together spirituality, witchcraft and a little bit of Welsh as they approach their debut album this year. The quartet are primarily a psychedelic rock group but they integrate some 70s glam, folk and post-punk vibes into their sound too. This is because they are interested in history, sisterhood and the passing down of stories and legends – something Wales is famous for. They aren’t afraid of asking multilayered questions either. Part of their A/A single ‘O Dŷ i Dŷ’’ (house to house in Cymru) speaks of a Welsh tradition that may have been culturally appropriated. On the flipside ‘Streets At Night’ is a punkish surge of energy as Sister Wives recount how they feel walking alone at night as a woman.

What I love about these tracks and their previous singles is that they sound and feel very different – yet cohesive. ‘Streets At Night’ has a haunted and taut sound whilst ‘O Dŷ i Dŷ’’ is triumphant and almost celebratory. Yet they both carry catchy rhythms and guitar riffs that drive Sister Wives’ energetic delivery right into the heart of the listener. You know you are doing 70’s psyche-rock right if there’s a vintage organ blaring and it soars here. All these tracks are building towards ‘Y Gawres’ – Sister Wives’ debut album which is due out on the 28th of October. It was inspired by a burial ground called Barclodiad y Gawres in Anglesey – which speaks of female giants. This is how they want to be seen and heard – reclaiming themselves and their story.

Enjoy the invigorating ‘Streets At Night’ below. The AA single is out now. For more information on Sister Wives, follow their Twitter.

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